Meet The Team

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Samir El Otmani is a German/Moroccan yoyo player who has been yo-yoing since 2007.


He and a friend started the webpage where they focused on spreading yo-yoing in Arab countries.

Samir mainly plays 1A but has some 4A and 5A basics in his arsenal.  Other than yo-yoing, Samir is a physics college student in Germany. He speaks German, French, Arabic and English and loves to play volleyball.

Samir used to make yo-yo tutorials on YouTube and we are hoping he makes more in the future.

You will never get bored with Samir. He is a fun guy!

We are thrilled to have Samir as part of our team.

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El Chico del Mate

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Santiago Poclava is an Argentinian yoyo player who was born in the city of Salta. Four years ago, he found the yo-yo he used to play with when he was kid and it became his passion and connection to earth.


All this time, Santi has focused in developing great skills in 1A. In 2020, he participated in Mexican Yo-yo championships and in the Latin American Yo-yo championship. He also participated in the Scales online yo-yo contest in 2021.

 Through yo-yoing, Santi has been able to connect with people around the world and to teach, share and learn different styles of yo-yoing, new skills and tricks that motivates him in becoming the best player.

One of Santi's objectives is that modern yo-yoing becomes more popular in Argentina as the yo-yo community there is very small.

Once in while Santi and Jorge talk about Mate!


It is a great pleasure to have Santi in the team!


The Pharaoh


The Joker


The Magician


The Creator

Jorge Contreras is a Mexican/Canadian that has a passion for design and print arts.


At the same time, Jorge is a computer and analytics guru with finance and business background (yes, we know... his career seems to be all over the place, but all makes sense when all the dots are connected!)

Jorge likes to pursue things to the fullest and his passion to invent and to create things made him to create Zero Gravity.

One day, he finished having breakfast and decided to study kinematics. Several weeks later he came out with the design of the Winglet and the rest is history (a similar thing happened when he got into bonsai several years ago).

Iñaki Díez is from Barcelona, Spain. He found his passion for yo-yoing through practicing magic (how? we don't know, it is a mystery!).

Iñaki is an osteopath by profession and always carries at least one yoyo with him to practice no matter where he is.

Iñaki has participated in the Mexican Yoyo Championship and in the Scales event a couple of times. One thing we love about Iñaki is his optimism, his perseverance and for his willingness to participate in events just for the joy of throwing.

He started his own YouTube channel to popularize yo-yoing in Spain.

We are honoured in having Iñaki on our team.

Omar essam Elmansoub is the youngest member of the team. He started playing yo-yo 9 years ago at the age of 8, so do the math.

Omar is part of a small yo-yo community in Egypt sharing tricks and teaching yo-yo. He supports players in his community and explains all what he knows about the yo-yo world.

After his last year of high school, Omar plans to graduate from the College of Art. He loves digital drawing, film criticism and photography.

Although Omar enjoys many different activities, he found his soul and passion in yo-yoing.

We are excited in having Omar in our team.