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Santi Poclava

El Chico del Mate

Santiago Poclava is an Argentinian yoyo player who was born in the city of Salta. Four years ago, he found the yo-yo he used to play with when he was kid and it became his passion and connection to earth.


All this time, Santi has focused in developing great skills in 1A. In 2020, he participated in Mexican Yo-yo championships and in the Latin American Yo-yo championship. He also participated in the Scales online yo-yo contest in 2021.

 Through yo-yoing, Santi has been able to connect with people around the world and to teach, share and learn different styles of yo-yoing, new skills and tricks that motivates him in becoming the best player.

One of Santi's objectives is that modern yo-yoing becomes more popular in Argentina as the yo-yo community there is very small.

Once in while Santi and Jorge talk about Mate!

Santi Poclava
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