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We ship same day or next business day, unless something outside of our control is impeding us to do so.


We strongly suggest to use tracked shipments as there is an insurance for up to $70 in case package is lost or does not arrive to final destination. In the event that a tracked shipment does not show, we will proceed to work with the postal office and submit a claim accordingly. Claims typically take 90 days after the shipment date to get resolved by Canada Post.  Upon a positive resolution, Zero Gravity Return Tops will be able to refund the value of your order up to the insurance limit previously mentioned.


Non-tracked shipments DO NOT have insurance.  In the event that your package is lost or does not arrive to final destination, we will do our best effort to work with you and the postal office to locate the package. However, we reserve the right to process a refund as the delivery of the package by the postal service is out of our total control.

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