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Jason Williams


Jason Williams is a skill toy enthusiast from Ontario, Canada. Starting at a young age, he's always sought out skill toys, gadgets and gizmos that he can tinker with. 

While he enjoyed playing with his yoyos in the late 90's, he tucked it away until recently when he dove back in again. Now, you'll never find him without one of his skill toys in his hand and a yo-yo in his pocket. 

Jason also spent several years as a magician, until his kids stole all of his supplies and managed to make them disappear. So far, they've been kind enough to let him keep his collection of begleris, kendamas, yo-yos, and dead eye coins intact - although he's not sure that will continue in the future. 

Jason loves learning new tricks, challenging himself, and talking to people about his love of all things skill toys.

Jason Williams
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