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Michael Lee


Hailing from Eugene, Oregon, Michael Lee is an artist obsessed with horror flicks and skill toys. At age 14 he developed a love for juggling. His obsession grew from there, leading him to diablos, spintops, devilstix and astrojax. Later that year, he picked up his first yoyo–a first generation freehand from Duncan. 

After some time away, Michael Lee picked up a yoyo again in 2019, and went on to create Daily Throw News, a community resource for yoyo updates and player features. Recently, Michael Lee combined his love for skill toys and monsters to launch DedHed Designs–his very own toy company specializing in macabre counterweights.

As a yoyo player, Michael Lee seeks to push the limits of 5a. But he firmly believes practice with any skill toy improves performance with another. That’s why his toy shelves are overflowing with diablos, astrojax, kendamas, cigar boxes, juggling balls, poi, DevilStix, Worrybricks, Shashibo, magnet rings, stunt kites and more. His goal is infusing as many styles as possible to keep pushing the limits.

Michael Lee
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