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Pablo Luna


Pablo Luna “Goomba” is a Salvadoran/Puerto Rican/American mixed that has been rolling for 4 years.

It all started because of pen spinning. Pablo wanted to be really good at it (Pro level). He stumbled across kbones on insta and bought one for finger warm ups purposes, but found himself playing with it everyday for hours.

For some odd reason he got more proficient and skilled with rollers than pen spinning. It was really confusing for him but he stopped questioning it years later.

Rollers play a mayor roll in his life now. Literally they are the first thing he picks up besides his coffee in the morning. He does this everyday religiously.

Don’t know what the future holds, but he does not see himself stopping anytime soon (that's such great news for the community!).

Other hobbies:

Contact juggling


Pen spinning


Pablo Luna
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