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Jack Morris

The DirtBag

Jack Morris is a photography and skilltoy enthusiast who, after a 20+ year hiatus, picked up the yo-yo again in 2021. For months he tried yo-yos  of all types and shapes looking for just the right one. Then, he stumbled onto the El MiJo (thanks to Overtinkering ) and it was love at first dump truck.

The DirtBag moniker refers to Jack’s love of exploring dirt roads. Jack and his collection of El MiJos, KnuckleYos and other skill toy goodies are on an epic multi-year road trip around the US and Canada traveling by dirt roads as much as possible. He is out chasing sunsets and spreading the skilltoy love to anyone that will listen. 


So, keep your eyes peeled for a goofball in a Hawaiian shirt driving a big brown van. If you ask nice, he may let you play with his toys. 

Jack Morris
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