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2nd Release

June 22, 2023 at 12:00:00 a.m.

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We are welcoming Libero to our family of throws.

The dimension, shape and material of this throw adds the desired power we envisioned the Libero to have.


Diam: 56 mm

Width: 46.2 mm

Gap: 4.5 mm

Weight: 63.9 g

Material: Aluminum 7075

Bearing size: C

This time we were fully focused in utilizing aluminum 7075 to balance the weight along with the shape we wanted to have for this throw. The base of the shape of the Libero is a V shape which combined with tall rims creates a hybrid V-H shape. This combination makes the Libero fall in between the Basilisk and the Qi, but the result is surprisingly unique.

We tested a handful of prototypes to reach the weight distribution, performance and aesthetics we wanted to have for the Libero. We made the rim wider to move certain part of the rim weight away from the outer diameter. That way, the Libero ended up playing more nimble without compromising spin time and stability.  We also wanted to have a wide catch zone to improve playability and land easier on the string.

Libero plays competitively due to its characteristics, weight and dimensions. Its stability and nimbleness makes the Libero easy to control and to perform combos quickly.  It is also capable to play horizontally and its spin time is impressive.

LIbero will bring freedom to your play.

Let nothing hold you down!


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