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September 2, 2022 at 12:00:00 a.m.

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According to the legend....

Durendal was the sword of Roland, a legendary paladin and leader of the rearguard of Charlemagne’s army. It was one of the four Holy Swords forged through the means of alchemy and magic and was capable of cutting through giant boulders of stone with a single strike.

We were intrigued with this story and it inspired us to create a throw that was powerful and agile and able to perform complex tricks with precision (and maybe bring a bit of magic too to your game).

We decided to design the Durandal with a slightly smaller diameter and width than a regular sized throw while maintaining the feeling and power of a regular sized one. It's weight and shape were also key to achieve our vision. After several trials, we found that 62.7 gr worked perfectly to hit this throw's sweet spot-- just right for its size, shape and SS rims.

We had a lot of fun designing the Durandal. Although the shape looks like a straight W, the catch zone has a subtle curvature that reduces the chance of friction between the string and the yoyo. That meticulous and precise curvature was exactly what we wanted to exalt in the Durandal's ability to perform. It maintains its balance and power when in the air and lands with incredible stability and momentum, ready for your next trick.

The colourways we chose for the Durendal will transport you back to medieval times where the great knights, wizards and paladins fought to bring back freedom to the people-- Our hope is that the Durandal brings that same inspiration to you as you throw.


Weight: 62.7g

Diameter: 53.4mm

Width: 44 mm

Gap: 4.5 mm

Stainless Steel rings - bi-metal

Bearing: C Size

Durandal: Return to Freedom.


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