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January 21, 2023 at 5:00:00 p.m.

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This project is the result of many hours of work, trials, testing, R&D, and many other stuff that are probably missing in the number of things we explored while developing this project.


Diameter: 61mm

Width: 31 mm

Weight: ~51 gr walnut / ~54 gr oak

Gap using ZGRT fixed axle: 2.3 mm

Material: Walnut & White Oak

When developing this project we had one thing in mind: creating a yoyo with an interchangeable bearing seat to accommodate different bearing sizes and widths. We started playing around with few concepts to more or less understand if this idea could become in a potential project.

Having that feature in mind, we went ahead and prototyped this system with aluminum body material and with few different type of shapes just to have an idea about the possibilities in using this modular system.

By playing around with the design and the different prototypes, the idea of incorporating it into a wooden throw blew our minds as this would be the perfect candidate to also bring another element or functionality to the system: fixed axle.

Having the experience in designing El MiJo, we decided to also bring such versatility to this design and make this wooden throw capable to use fixed axle and ball bearings.

The concept finally started to have a better shape of what we were looking to accomplish originally. The Alebrije then was born.

Alebrijes are surreal creatures from an oneiric (dreaming) world conformed

by physical elements of different fantastical/mythical and real animals. The creatures typically have the four classical elements as part of them: earth, water, air and fire. Around that idea, we wanted a throw to have different elements such as: wood, aluminum, different bearing sizes and types.

One of the characteristics of alebrijes is their multicolour designs and the way we wanted to express that is by adding different colours to the bearing seats and to the outer caps to contrast the beautiful tones of the natural wood.

Due to the nature and characteristics of the wood, the process of making this throw required the utilization of CNC to accommodate the modular bearing seat system as precise as possible.

The effort and resources invested in this throw were out of our original scope but the final result was worth the effort.

We are planning to bring the Alebrije to life for Fixed Axle February. At this point we will be only able to accommodate approximately 50 units. More information about when and how to order will be available at our site, IG or by DM.

Hope you enjoy this throw as much as we do.

Let nothing hold you down!


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