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Alberto Rojch


Alberto is an Italian living in London who has been yo-yoing for 10+ years. While recovering from a broken leg after a rollerblading accident as a teenager, his friend sent him a video of Hiroyuki Suzuki at the World Yoyo Championship which sparked a light in Alberto, and he has been yo-yoing ever since. Alberto is a 1A player with a basic knowledge of 4A and 5A.

Previously Alberto has dabbled in creating videos and tutorials of tricks on YouTube, and he has participated in contests twice in Italy and once in the UK, he has collaborated with brands such as: Magicyoyo, Oxygene and other minor projects. He is looking forward to continuing to make videos, attending future contests and meeting other yoers. His main goal is to learn and create as many tricks as possible to share with the world: sharing is caring!

Besides yo-yoing, Alberto loves classical and punk music, having played guitar in both genres for almost as many years as he has played yoyo. Unfortunately in 2022 he contracted a disease called focal dystonia which halted his guitar career, however it thankfully does not affect his yo-yoing. He is currently training to become a classical pianist.

Alberto Rojch
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