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May 16, 2024 at 4:00:00 p.m.

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DirtBegs are ZGRT’s first begleri set!  The idea and design came from our team member DirtBag (Jack Morris) and after more than a year discussing and devising this project, we are excited to see come to life and to share it with all of you.

First decision: material. DirtBag found that although there are many materials to choose from and each one has its pros and cons, “[l]et’s be honest, no matter how long you’ve been slinging Begleri, you’re going to drop them, you’re going to launch them across the room and you're going to toss them in your pocket with your keys. The beads need to stand the test of time, take any torture I could throw at them and to outlast me. “

So this meant titanium was the obvious choice. It’s durable enough to be smacked on the hardest surfaces and tossed carelessly into your pocket without leaving behind big scars.

Not only that but titanium is light enough to allow for a decently sized bead without being too heavy. The beads had to be light enough to play all day without getting hand fatigue, but heavy enough to carry their momentum through more technical combos. At 8.9g per bead, this set lands right in the 18-20 gram window that does just that.

Second decision: bead shape and dimensions. After years of playing different sets, DirtBag has found that 14-16 mm is the diameter that locks into the fingers well, but is still small enough that it doesn’t take much to release it into your next trick.  So, he went right in the middle with 15 mm for the width.

In terms of the height, DirtBag’s preference is for a bead that is taller than it is wide so for the height: we settled on 22 mm. This height is a little over a 1.5 : 1 ratio. 22 mm gives enough height to the bead to allow a grip good with the fingertips allowing the user to incorporate bead manipulation moves into their slinging with ease. But it is not so tall that the bead ends catch between the fingers when you don’t want them to.

While most Begleri slingers use a standard 550 paracord as a joiner due to it being economical and readily available, changing up the cord can totally change the way a set plays. The goal was a bead that users could experiment with different cord types so they can find their preferred cord thickness. The 3.5mm bore allows for just that.

Third decision: style. Once the basic dimensions were settled on, it was time to think about style. DirtBag’s design was a bead with a flat top but not too flat. A slopped shoulder between the top and side lets the bead slide between the fingers with controlled ease. The bead required to have bit more mass at its top and base than in the middle, and a bit of a flare to the bottom. The intention of such features is to make certain tricks easier.

“As I was looking over my pile of favourite beads trying to decide which direction to take the design, my eyes fell on my Picciotto roller. That was it. If I squished the bead down so the skinny grip section became thicker, the curved in sides would give me exactly what I was looking for. So, I drew up a squat little Picciotto with the knob cut off one end, added some dimensions, and sent it off to ZGRT”.

As they say, the rest is history and we are thrilled to present to you, the DirtBegs!

Happy Slinging!


Diameter: 15.2 mm

Height: 22 mm

Bore: 3.5 mm

Weight: 8.9 g

Material: Grade 5 Titanium


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