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Ti Janus


July 10, 2023 at 4:00:00 p.m.

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Janus Titanium (Ti Janus) is the newest variation of OG Janus.

Why titanium?

We maintaned all the elements from OG Janus to accomplish performance and design.  This time, we wanted to use Titanium to take advantage of all the enhancements this material can bring to a throw. Titanium has a particular hardiness that allows reducing the thickness of the walls and bring weight to other areas to improve performance. The walls of the Ti Janus became now thinner but the shape and design we envisioned remains the same. 

Another great benefit in using titanium in the Janus is the durabiity it will have at the moment of throwing it into your pocket or even at the moment of hitting a hard surface.

The specs:

Diameter: 45.5 mm

Width: 22.2 mm

Gap: 2.3 mm

Weight: 52.5 gr

Bearing: Slim C size ball bearing

Material: Titanium

Janus TI is only available through pre-orders with a lead time of 3 weeks. This time we are offering the option to do 50% down payment of $103 at the moment of pre-ordering it and the remaining 50% ($103 + shipping) right before we ship it to you (we will notify you once the throw is ready).

Let nothing hold you down!


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