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December 20, 2021 at 5:00:00 a.m.

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One of the metals that we were missing was Titanium and, as previous projects, we wanted to bring something unique in terms of shape and design. That said, we are pleased to introduce The Rhino.

Here are the specs:

Diameter: 54.5 mm

Width:43.4 mm

Gap: 4.53 mm

Weight: 64 gr

Material: Titanium

Finish: Raw

Bearing: D concave

We chose an H shape for our first titanium yoyo, but we worked very diligently to have a stylized r-H-ino shape. The H shape is known to be powerful and to bring incredible stability into a yoyo. That was a key element to use with titanium because with Ti walls can be thinner than walls using other alloys and weight can be easily pushed to the rims.

The weight distribution of this throw is phenomenal which is a sign of using Titanium properly. When it comes to playability, the Rhino gives enough spin time and stability to perform complicated and technical tricks which were part of the the desired and expected outcomes as we moved almost half of its weight towards the rims. The Rhino also plays very nimble for an H shape yoyo and one of the reasons of that is due to the 64g weight.

This year we have been playing around and enjoying D bearings so much. I can say this is our D-bearing year and what a way to release a Titanium throw using this type of bearing. To my knowledge this might be the second D-bearing Ti throw so far. One of the things we like about D bearings is the capability to bind the yoyo at lower RPM. This feature is very cool as it gives you a little bit of extra time to finish your routine or trick even though the yoyo is at its final spinning time. The dimensions of the pads are exclusively for D-bearing size. They have the same outer diameter as a regular C-bearing size pad, but the inner diameter is 1 mm smaller. This response system assures great bindings in conjunction with the D bearing.

The stylized design of The Rhino was a challenging task to get accomplished. One one hand, we were looking to incorporate as much details as possible to give this throw a rhino personality. This was not an easy task to do. We worked with several manufacturers and the details we wanted on this throw were very challenging for them to machine in Titanium due to the rigidness of this metal. Some manufacturers just could not do it. But we did not give up, we kept trying until we were able to make this happen.

For the finish, we wanted to go just raw to enhance the rhino personality this throw already has.

This project took us several months to design, to prototype, to test and to fine tuning all the details. We are thrilled to be able to materialize this project they way we wanted it to be and here it is: The Rhino


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