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Ibex are goats that live in the peaks of mountains close to the clouds and can climb practically anything with the aid of their special split hooves.

Ibex have been seen defying gravity climbing massive dam walls in some parts of Europe, Asia and North Eastern Africa. They are able to make 1.8 meters or 6 feet jumps without a running start!

We got the inspiration from such amazing animals to design our second throw: the Ibex.

This is a V-O shape full-size mono-metal throw made out of aluminum 7068 with thin walls, good weight distribution with enough rim weight to provide long spin time and stability. With the Ibex you will be capable to perform as many tricks as you want due to its multiple features and blast finish surface.

Width: 45.4 mm Diam: 57.2 mm Gap: 4.5 mm Weight: 64.6

Bearing: Size C, V-shape grooved

Alloy: 7078 Aluminum

Finish: Blasted