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El MiJo Polycarb


January 4, 2024 at 5:00:00 p.m.

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El MiJo Polycarb

The MiJo saga continues…and this time it changes into a polycarbonate suit that brings on  warmer weather vibes and new attitude for a totally different play.


  • Diam: 56.1 mm

  • Width: 24.3 mm - 27.6 mm

  • Gap: 2.38 mm - 4.4 mm

  • Weight: ~ 52.5 gr

  • Material: Plastic Polycarbonate


  • Flat unresponsive D bearing - 5 mm wide

  • Flat  D bearing - 3 mm wide

  • 8 mm and 10 mm axles

  • Zero Gravity blank d-bearing design.

  • Single bearing remover

El MiJo Polycarb retains essential elements of the original version of El MiJo like the functionality of interchanging the different types of bearings to experience different play styles that goes from wide unresponsive to slim fixed axle. It also maintains the same cup design and shape.

What is different?

At the moment of deciding to use polycarbonate, we knew some big changes had to happen to the OG design.

With the use of polycarbonate, we took advantage of the characteristics of this material and made El MiJo, unlike the previous versions, solid rather than hollow.  By doing so, the width was reduced by approximately 5 mm and the weight by 3g., resulting in a slimmer, lighter and more pocketable throw, which we love!!

These changes made El MiJo Polycarb unique to its predecessors.  It feels fast, snappy and very comfortable to hold and to carry.

Why the change?

We made this version of El MiJo as we wanted to have all the features of El MiJo but in a plastic throw. There is something about transparency and translucency that creates visual appeal in designs.

Transparency and translucency work together to achieve great optical effect. Using a translucent material can mimic smoke, fog, and clouds and creates a soft, dreamy effect.

We don’t know but for us, El MiJo Polycarb emanates summer vibes… you know, those long sunny days, chilling out and having your throw ready for whatever comes your way.

Let nothing hold you down!


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