El MiJo 6061



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This is the Aluminum 6061 version of the El MiJo which was made out of Aluminum 7075. El MiJo was our first throw under the slim line category which was released in December 2021 with great success and acceptance by the yoyo community. This time, we wanted to maintain the original shape and dimensions of El MiJo and just make it 3 gr lighter.

The use of a less dense aluminum not only brings the weight down by 3 gr, but also slightly moves the weight distribution towards the centre increasing the RPM theoretically.


Diam: 56.1 mm
Width: 30 mm - 32 mm
Gap: 2.38 mm - 4.4 mm
Weight: ~ 55.2 gr
Material: 6061 aluminum


• Flat unresponsive D bearing - 5 mm wide
• Flat responsive D bearing - 4 mm wide
• Flat D bearing - 3 mm wide
• Zero Gravity blank d-bearing design.
• Single bearing remover

We are adding an extra layer of playability by including an extra D-bearing of 4 mm wide. Similarly like the 7075 version, El MiJo 6061 comes with an 8 mm axle that can be used with all the configurations. However, we included a 10 mm axle to use it with the 5 mm wide bearing in order to ensure a good connection between the two discs.