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August 4, 2022 at 12:00:00 a.m.

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A re-run of our original Basilisk released in Feb 2021. The inspiration came from a little lizard that can run on water...

Basilisk lizards are proficient water runners that defy gravity, regularly dashing across bodies of water to evade predators. Studies have shown that static stability during locomotion is possible only when the center of mass remains within a theoretical region of stability. Running across a highly yielding surface could move the center of mass beyond the edges of the region of stability, potentially leading to tripping or falling.

They produce greatest support and propulsive forces that play with their body weight that dynamically stabilize them while running on water.

We wanted to recreate the qualities of this amazing lizard into a yoyo and came up with a very agile but powerful throw made out of 7003 aluminum.

The aluminum used in this throw allowed us to design thinner walls and to bring that weight in key areas to improve performance and stability.

We wanted this yoyo to be capable to perform as many tricks as possible, and just for added fun, we added a fingerspin hub, that in our opinion, is a beauty!

The Basilisk has a stylized V-shape with an almost unoticeable concave feature that brings more comfort to the hand and helps pushing few grams towards the rims.

The Basilisk comes in 4 colorways mimicking lizard-like tones.

Width: 45.5 mm Diam: 55.8 mm Gap: 4.6 mm Weight: 65.1gr

Bearing: Size C, Concave bearing.

Alloy: 7003 Aluminum

Finish: Blasted


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