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Throw Key


July 1, 2022 at 4:00:00 p.m.

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Throw Key

When the original tool was launched ZipLine reached us about collaborating on some revisions, and together we recreated and rebranded this incredible tool.

There are many multitools out there but the Throw Key handles C, D, A and even MR85 bearing removal options.

The improved changes from the original tool are:

  • The location of the C and D sides for improved aesthetic and convenience.

  • The lid has been modified into a key shape (improving hex tool usage and keeps it from rolling around when not in use).

  • Various sharp edges have been rounded out, including the string pick.

  • An o-ring has been added to the lid, improving its seal to the bearing tool.


  • Compact and convenient “all-in-one” stainless steel design with precision machining.

  • C size bearing bearing removal (bottom side).

  • A, D and MR85 size bearing removal (top side).

  • String Pick (revised version has a stronger, thicker tip).

  • Hex tool for standard size axles.

  • Combo connect feature for hard to remove axles.

  • Key shaped lid prevents tool from rolling around and allows better.

  • leverage when using hex tool.

  • Integrated o-ring helps secure connection between lid and bearing tool.

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